Tall Black Micaceous Vase


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Searching and experimenting, the artist alludes to tradition in his work but never makes the expected.

With an allure partly primitive, partly contemporary, this vase is an example of the amazing versatility of this accomplished young potter.

The traditional clay of Zuni is white, but Alan like to use micaceous slips to cover it, creating an entirely different look and subtly sparkling texture.

Here, he smothered the firing with dried horse manure, producing the shimmering black.

It is a chemical reaction to the fire, and is permanent.

The glory of this piece is its impressive size and elegant, curvaceous form; no other decoration is needed.

An imposing piece of timeless beauty and exquisite skill, suitable for all decors: Asian, country, contemporary, as well as your Native American collection.


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Natural Handmade Clay and Micaceous Clay Slip


15" H x 11 1/2" diameter