Tahitian Pearl & Topaz Naja Pendant


Curvy silver naja with two black pearls, and a rectangular topaz in the center.

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One of the hallmarks of really creative artists is their interest and ability to explore a variety of styles and technical challenges. Lyndon Tsosie surely fits into this elite category.

This prize-winning jeweler continues to astonish with his evolving imagination and manipulation of fine materials.

An international clientele of discerning collectors are avid fans. This is one of his newest pieces.

Simple and stunning, not at all like his more familiar inlaid and heavily decorated work, it also invokes Navajo tradition, like much of his work.

Voluptuously curved tufa-cast silver forms a sensuous naja, usually seen hanging from squash blossom necklaces. Not anything like Grandma’s naja’s, this is a sexy, sophisticated version.

Severely tapered to the ends, this curvaceous ribbon of silver terminates in two lustrous, natural, black Tahitian pearls.

There are no noticeable ridges or flaws to interrupt the sleek, iridescent beauty of these pearls – a sign of their high quality.

A subtle little joke by the artist: each pearl is cradled in a undulating, shell-like cup of silver, as if still in half an oyster shell.

Instead of the traditional turquoise or coral hanging from the center of the naja, the artist has attached a beautiful, rectangular, natural topaz.

Flashes of light glint from the finely faceted stone, whose angles contrast with the swelling curve of the naja itself.

Navajo tradition is transformed into a subtly spectacular, modern statement.

Artfully brought up to date, this pendant is elegantly minimalist in design, luxurious in materials, traditional in inspiration, and flawlessly hand-fabricated.

It is as chic and wearable as it is eye-catching and exquisite.



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Natural Tahitian Pearls, Natural Topaz, Sterling Silver


2 7/8" long x 2 1/4" wide x 1/2" deep