Table-Size Eagle Bust


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Impressive and handsome, this alabaster eagle is small, but powerful in impact.

This sculpture honors the ruler of the sky; the fierce raptor who protects those below, and carries prayers up to the heavens.

The natural, dark russet alabaster is polished to a delectable smoothness; the artist skillfully used the stone’s natural striations to suggest feathers.

On one side, he cleverly manipulated the stone to suggest the white head of a bald eagle.

Set onto a base of  creamy, burnished stone, the dramatic markings of the red alabaster stand out.

Although simplified from absolute naturalism, the head and throat of the eagle are sensitively carved, in profile, and effectively convey the alert strength of the eagle.

Fine things do come in small packages, and this magisterial eagle is certainly one of them.

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Natural Alabaster


3" W x 3 1/2" H x 1 3/8" Deep