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Swirl Vase with Asymmetrical Opening


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This member of a well-known pottery family specializes in modern interpretations of the traditional gourd, or melon pot. The swirls are meant to represent squash, an age-old staple of the Pueblo diet. Every bit is traditionally made, by hand: from gathering the clay and mixing it, through the coiling, carving, polishing and firing. The red rim is painted with a mixture of powdered red clay and water, over the cream-colored base clay. Both clay and clay slip are natural, found in and near Jemez Pueblo.A wonderful piece – stone polished, deeply carved, well-balanced, well-sized, and full of panache and personality. This proves that quality speaks for itself.

Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slips

Width: 5 1/2″ Height: 9″ Depth: 4 3/4″