Surprise Turquoise Ring

Lorenzo Shirley


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Sandcast silver is overlaid with an angular design of water and lightning symbols – very good luck in the arid Navajo lands. They show up in striking contrast against the darkened background.


The shank is tapered; wider at the front and narrower at the back. This allows support for a lovely, natural turquoise, raised high above the shank. It is an interesting, organic shape that goes well with the overlaid designs, and is set into triple bezels. Varied shades of true turquoise, resembling tropical waters, give the stone depth and beauty.


The narrow bezel holding the stone is absolutely plain, and polished. Beyond that, a decorative, hand-cut, notched frame adds visual interest. Finally, the outer border is darkened, and notched into broader lobes, integrating the three frames of the stone. From the front, the ring seems handsome, but otherwise expected.


With its surprising profile, it becomes unusual and dramatic, but absolutely traditional as well. This is a ring that makes a statement, but unobtrusively, with a big surprise.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



1/2" to 1/4" wide