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Sunset Landscape with Horsemen


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He is a proud son of a former US Marine Corps Navajo Code-talker, who served in the South Pacific during World War II, and helped defeat the enemy by using the Navajo language in codes.

Additionally, Teddy is an award-winning artist in watercolors, oils, and, especially, the difficult medium of pastels.

A dedicated  mentor and coach at the Chinle Youth Athletic Club, he is delighted when his proteges thank him for getting them to college.

In addition (!),  he is also an equally award-winning jeweler, sometimes collaborating with his jeweler wife, Ophelia Garcia.

Here, however, is a glowing example of his expertise and artistry with pastels and color.

The iconic rock spires of the Navajo landscape rise above two horsemen and a riderless horse, making their way back home, at sunset.

Their traditional hogan is to the right, with an inviting fire showing through the doorway, its smoke rising from the center chimney.

The immense sky-scape dwarfs even the buttes and mesa, just visible in the distance.

Billowy clouds are already dusky, as the sun illuminates the lower, distant clouds, near the horizon, with radiant reds, oranges, and lavenders.

From the luminous green-blue of the sky at the top, through the glorious corals and lavenders lower in the sky, to the dark earthy hues of the land, the color palette is gorgeous .

The bellying clouds’  blue carries up the darker shapes on the land, creating a balanced  composition.

Aside from the incandescent colors in the sunset sky, what stands out is the artist’s control of a medium that is notoriously tricky

In lesser hands, pastel pictures often end up a blurry mass of colors; here, each element is distinct,while keeping the softness inherent in the medium.

Resplendent color, a look back at the traditional landscape of the Reservation land, and –  believe it or not – a realistic depiction of the famous big sky sunsets of New Mexico, all in one small picture!

Custom matted and framed, ready to hang, this is like a permanent window, looking out at the beautiful desert landscape, and sky-scape, of the Navajo lands.

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Glass, Pastel on Paper, Wood


11 1/8" W x 9 1/8" H, Framed