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Sunset Hue Roadrunner


Vividly painted running roadrunner, in matching two-toned high-tops. Purple and orange are predominant on natural light wood. Base is same, unpainted wood.

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The roadrunner is the official State Bird of New Mexico, and we love them, both in the flesh, and especially when the skilled and creative hands of this folk artist produces one that won’t run away. In this appealing version, our swift avian is decked out in flamboyant sunset colors, much prettier than the actual drab browns and greys of the real bird. Pictured in mid-stride, his obvious speed must be helped along by the high-tops he wears, two-toned to match his vivid plumage. The flaming colors are tempered by a judicious allowance of unpainted, light wood, just as a sunset’s rich hues are teamed with soothing blue.

Meticulously carved, incised and painted, this is a brilliant piece of folk art – in every meaning of the word. Amusing, vibrant and carefully executed, entirely by hand, this resplendent roadrunner will add permanent beauty and smiles to your home.

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11 1/2" long x 8 "high, Base is 6" long x 3" deep