“Sunrise on the River” Buckle


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Jonah says, “To the Hopi, water plays an important part of daily life. As dry farmers we rely on annual rain and snowfall to benefit our crops and orchards.”

Water is life, for dry farmers, and water is the theme of this beautifully unusual buckle.

His interest in the role of water extends beyond symbols; he is a river guide, ethnobotanist, and environmental educator, in addition to his artistic work!

This intriguing buckle is of tufa cast silver, with every part hand formed.

Named by the artist, the poetically inspired buckle celebrates the beauty of Nature in the early morning, the blessing of water, and the joy of artistic expression.

With an all-over, darkened patina, the raised and polished elements glisten as if wet, appropriately for water symbols.

Tiny globes of silver at each side, represent water/rain drops, while the graceful curves, above, on either side of the oval orange shell, symbolize flowing water.

In the center, the concentric scalloped lines beautifully replicate ripples in a stream.

That natural, orange spiny oyster shell oval seems to float over the watery design just like a rising sun.

Unique in its concept, this fascinating, and beautifully integrated, piece incorporates artistic flair with assured workmanship.

It bridges past and present in expressing traditional, and contemporary, environmental values.

Somewhat rugged, but with a certain delicacy, it goes well with our casual lifestyles.

Also, it will look great whatever the gender of the happy wearer, and whatever the style of the trousers it holds up!


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