Sunflower Wedding Vase


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Brian’s forte is fine-line painting, a traditional signature of Acoma pottery.

This charming wedding vase confines his “signature” motif to the center of the two floral medallions.

Crisp and precise, the plant-brewed black paint is a sharp and clean contrast to the naturally snow-white Acoma clay.

Notice that the two sunflowers are equal , but different: each is a variation of the other, with that fine-line center.

A creative touch is the sculptural design on the handle. A very personal idea.

Segments of the same white clay are arranged along the curve of the handle, in a double row.

The classic, strikingly cheery, black-on-white design fills the form of the piece.

Beautifully painted, with an unusual handle, this is a delightful wedding vase.

It would be a beautifully welcome wedding or anniversary gift – even for yourself.

We offer a written explanation of the role of the wedding vase with every purchase of one.




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Vegetal Paint, Natural Hand Made Clay


8" H x 5 7/8" Wx 4 1/4" diameter