Sunflower Kachina Mana


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This artist is known for the realistic detail and beautifully modulated colors in his kachina carvings.

His work is entirely traditional and authentic, except that he uses high-quality artists’ oil paints rather than tempera or acrylic paint.

This kachina is carved with meticulous care, fashioned with the artist’s characteristic, intricate, life-like detail, using only a knife.

Look at the beautifully realized hands, feet, toes and fingers; the realistically rendered items of clothing, and the naturalistic body position.

She is shown in mid-step, as she carries her offering bowl. Her dress moves with her motion, and her ceremonial white moccasins are realistically  carved.

Even from the back, her blanket displays displays thick, woolen folds.

She stands on a rocky surface that is entwined with lush greenery, culminating in a large, beautiful, detailed sunflower, in front.

The theme is harvest, and seeds, pointing to happiness, abundance and good health, when the crops come in.

A colorful, charming depiction of Hopi culture, by a reclusive, but exceptional artist.






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Dead Cottonwood Root, Oil Paints


9 7/8" H


3 1/4" W x 3 1/4" Deep