Sunface Turtle



Like work by other members of her illustrious family, Janice Ortiz’ pottery figures are nationally sought after.

This good-sized turtle is both imposing and charming.

Symbol of water and longevity, turtles are highly regarded by Native tribes in the Southwest.

The bold, graphic design of the “shell” emphasizes the wonderful domed shape.

Depicting a Sunface, this design integrates water and sun symbols in a graphic, Northwest Coast kind of style.

However, the ideal for Natives in the southwest is to have a balance of sun and water, to ensure fruitful harvests, so the image and the message extend beyond boundaries.

The hand-burnished finish contrasts pleasingly with the matte terra cotta.

A collector’s delight, whether of turtles, Pueblo pottery, or Ortiz pieces.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Hand Made Clay


7 1/2" L x 3 3/4" H