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Sunface Spinner Ring


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A highly respected and avidly collected jeweler creates pieces of meticulous inlay, with transitional designs. Somehow, they become both traditional and modern. Starting with traditional symbols and materials, he blends them into familiar, but unique designs. He likes to use the swivel method he perfected to make reversible pieces, like this vibrant ring.

Enclosed within a silver oval, he created a rounded Sunface. Traditional mother of pearl, coral, turquoise, and jet are used, not only in the Sunface design, but in the tapered inlaid pieces that surround it, as well. These spread out from a frame of plain, polished silver, as if rays of the sun, with threads of silver channels separating each stone. These could also be interpreted as feathers, carrying prayers for a balance of sun and water up to the heavens.

A plump circle forms the Sunface: white mother of pearl forms the bottom of the face, with inlaid jet eyes and mouth. More jet bands separate natural red coral and blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise, at the top. Blue signifies sky and water; red represents the land.

Spin the head on its pivot of silver, and a different design appears. A different arrangement of the same materials, minus the mother of pearl, forms an abstract, banded design. The rich red coral and the beautiful blue turquoise, separated by a central stripe of black jet, create a more dramatic effect than the face on the reverse.

On either side of the center, are sections of inlaid coral and turquoise, also tapered, that complete the composition.

Not just another Sunface, this is a striking, beautifully made ring, by an award-wearing jeweler. Change it around to suit your mood or clothing; this is also fun to twirl around when you’re waiting for the bus, or your date.

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Band Width


Ring Size

8 1/2


Coral, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Face Size:

1 1/4" long, 3/4" wide