Sunface Pendant With Four-Sided Spinner

Don Dewa


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Don Dewa learned inlay techniques from his mother-in-law, Loretta Quam Eriacho, and has blossomed into a top award-winning jeweler. He creates highly respected and avidly collected pieces of first-rate inlay with transitional designs that are both traditional and modern. This strikingly handsome little pendant combines several different inlay techniques: channel, mosaic and carved. The result is a beautiful and colorful interpretation of a Sunface, with the added touch of Dewa creativity.

The inlay in the face is comprised of the traditional stones and shell: natural turquoise, red coral, jet and mother-of pearl. Gently curved, the pieces are separated by silver channels. The silver bail is also inlaid with silver channels, in coral, turquoise and jet. The innovation is in the inlaid rectangle that hangs from a silver wire framework.

This is a boxed rectangle, whose four sides are each inlaid in a different material, and/or design: Turquoise, coral and jet form three of the sides, each inlaid with silver channels placed on the diagonal. This gives the inlaid form a more modern, animated look, and coordinates with the lightly curved and tapered silver channels in the bail. The fourth side is inlaid in a more traditional manner, with two blocks of black jet framing a face inlaid with turquoise, coral, yellow mother of pearl, and jet. This accords with the Sunface at the top.

How do you view the different sides? This is the Dewa innovation: the entire boxed rectangle twirls, allowing you to put one or another of the inlaid sides front and center! Coordinate with your wardrobe, with the turquoise, coral, jet, or mixed colors side.

Colorful, graphic, innovative and fun, this is a marvelous combination of the traditional, and a master artist’s contemporary vision.

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