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Butterfly Maiden


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Nuvadi’s delicately detailed kachinas are completely traditional:  knife-carved, of dead cottonwood root, and then painted and shaded with acrylic paint, so the wood grain shows through.

His wife, Marvene, sometimes collaborates with the noted award-winner, as in this beautiful Sunface Maiden.

There is a wealth of charming detail about this carving, from the maidenly tilt of her head to the naturalistic folds of her blanket, her gracefully arranged, carved hair, scrupulously carved feathers, and more.

She is beautiful from every angle, thanks to the meticulous carving, artistic detail, and pleasingly muted palette.

Her stepped tablita is painted in a gracefully florid sun, flanked by rain cloud, lightning, and rain signs; the perfect balance of nature, that the Hopi pray for.

Soft blue, yellow, green, and red colors symbolize the sky and water, the sun, and the earth.

Every detail is carved with exactitude, artistry, and grace: Feathers, long hair, cloth ties, the fringes of her unseen sash, the ruff around her neck, and the evergreen sprigs in her delicate hand. There is even a manta pin, clasping her long dress.

Exceptionally dainty, this lovely carving is exquisite in pose, interpretation, and execution. Excellence times two, equals an outstanding carving, in the hands of this gifted couple.