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Sunface in Sunburst Pendant


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Ola has specialized in working with stones for over thirty years, cutting and inlaying them in classic Zuni styles. In this bright and sunny pendant, she has enclosed a classic, inlaid Sunface within a dainty sunburst of matching, sky-blue turquoise. Both inlaid pieces are set in sterling silver, and are surrounded by a gleaming frame of rope-like sterling silver. A double wire bail, allows it to be worn on chains, small beads, ribbons, or whatever you choose.Working in a small scale, the jeweler has managed to make a delicate-looking pendant radiate color and beautiful design, as well as fine workmanship. This heavenly blue pendant is small, but not shy; guaranteed to attract lots of admiration!

Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Red Coral, Jet

Height: 1 1/8″ Diameter: 3/4″