Sunface Figure Pin


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Created by one of the numerous, talented Vandever siblings, who are all accomplished silversmiths, this fetching pin is a charming version of a Sunface dancer. It features a large, good-looking turquoise that is most likely stabilized, but no less beautiful for that. That simply means it was permeated with a hardening agent, much like gym floors, to withstand cutting it into sharp corners. The Silver Sunface has a sunny, little smile. the surrounding feathery “rays” are graduated from shortest at the bottom, to longest at the top. Rudimentary silver arms and legs, but the moccasins are indicated by starburst stamping. All eyes are drawn to the richly green turquoise that comprises the body. It glows behind a pleasingly graphic web of matrix, and is set into a shadowbox for more definition and drama. Since the head and body are connected with a set of loops, the body will sway, as if dancing.This is going to light up any jacket you own, and attract admirers like the sun itself. Lots of impact for a modest outlay, here.PS It can be changed into a pendant, if you prefer.

Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Width: 1 3/8″ Height: 3 1/4″ Depth: 3/8″