Sunface and Prayer Cuff

Jason Takala


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A jeweler since the 1970s, Jason Takala is a nephew of award-winning jeweler Bernard Dawahoya, who was also his teacher.

Jason’s own work always reflects his Hopi heritage and has been exhibited in museum shows, as well as winning awards at prestigious art shows.

This astounding bracelet demonstrates the amazing precision of his sawn-out overlay designs and his loyalty to traditional Hopi culture.

And something more – the full blossoming of an exceptional artistic vision that is equaled by the jeweler’s skill in bringing it to fruition.

The bracelet includes many techniques, such as cutouts, overlay, chisel work, and hand-texturing.

The Sunface is made from 14K gold, with the exterior made from hand-chiseled sterling silver. The Hopi symbols used throughout are sterling silver cutouts overlaid on the surface of the cuff, which has been hand textured the “old way”, using silver dust to make an uneven, darkened textural skin over the sterling silver base.

The contrast generated from this combination provides the depth that helps showcase the overlaid cutouts.

There are 14K gold cutout stars overlaid on each end of the cuff, and there are two small bezeled stones, Coral on one side and Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise on the other.

This amazing cuff is a study in contrast and artistic talent.

Phenomenal creativity and artistry in a beautiful piece of jewelry that is sure to be a treasured heirloom, by an established artist who is considered a master jeweler!

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