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Sunface and Bear Pendant


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Dramatic, colorful, and full of symbolism, this pendant is a definite statement of beauty and good luck. The boxed silver Sunface head has the classic features, with little parallel lines in the mouth, symbolizing rain – a nice touch. The feathers that represent the sun rays also represent prayers for a balance of sun and rain. Continuing the theme, the body is a near spiral, suggesting water, and inset with a warm orange spiny oyster shell, symbolizing the earth. There is a deep, dark blue lapis pendant under the Sunface, shaped like a raindrop. The edges of the curved body are shaped, and chiseled into segments of parallel lines, hinting at mountains and rainfall.


Overlaid silver fills the curved body, highly polished on one side, and textured to a muted, matte finish on the other. Above the spiny oyster shell, a bear paw has been cut out, relating to the solid, tiny bear that sits on the cusp of the curve, to the right. Bears are powerful symbols of protection and hunting success, so this pendant encompasses a lot of good luck, as well as dramatic good looks.

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Lapis, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


3 3/4" long x 2" wide