Sunburst Ring with Candelaria Turquoise


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Arland Ben is a major name in contemporary Native jewelry, as his many awards attest.

Acclaimed for his artistry and his skill, this artist uses only the highest quality stones as is evident this splendid ring.

The bold and beautifully executed design showcases the extraordinary stones.

An elongated oval of sterling silver has been deeply cut to form an unusual sunburst design, a handsome background for two, splendid, natural Candelaria turquoise stones.

The Candelaria turquoise mine in Nevada is small. The output is also small, making this sought-after turquoise rare, and considered a highly  collectible stone

Candelaria is characterized by a brilliant blue hue, and dark matrix, as these two, gorgeous stones demonstrate.

The same size, and almost the same arched shape, the stones are separated by two, polished and textured silver domes.

The curved forms of the turquoise and the little domes contrast Strikingly with the spray of chiseled lines in the background silver.

The graceful oval, however, relates to the round shapes in the center of the ring.

The design is individual but inspired by traditional Navajo jewelry. The workmanship, however, is much more refined than that found in the past.

The artistry extends to the shank, unexpectedly delicate and graceful.

It consists of three horizontal ovals, each one expertly stamped in minute and dainty designs, at the edges. Lovely in looks, it is marvelously comfortable, too.

This ring demonstrates that simple but flawless surroundings enhance luxurious stones.

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