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Sunburst Buckle


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Leo Yazzie has gathered a loyal following and many prizes, for his exquisite jewelry.

His work is elegant in style, opulent in materials, and superb in workmanship.

Here is a larger piece of his that incorporates all these qualities.

This elegant buckle is centered by a radiant blue, natural turquoise that seems like a piece of the sky the jeweler captured.

Or, with the little arc of dark matrix within it, like a view of an island chain in the ocean, as seen from an airplane.

Its hand-cut, pillowed, elongated oval shape harmonizes with the silver surrounding it.

Seemingly simple, the silver displays Leo’s characteristic, incredibly precise and varied work.

The rounded oblong of silver is hand-chiseled into four sections of astonishingly regular, tapered forms.

These look like a single sunburst, but are actually four fans of stylized feathers, like those seen on older and traditional jewelry.

Feathers symbolize prayers and hopes.

An example of this jeweler’s extrordinary artistry is the presence of four broader, unpolished silver bands – two on top, two on the bottom.

They correspond to the four little silver arrows at the ends of the turquoise.

Barely noticed, they nevertheless add a special visual touch to the composition.

These tiny arrowheads point to the four corners of the world, indicating that the hopes and prayers represented by the feathers are meant to cover the earth, and all her people.

The fine detail and scrupulous workmanship combine with beautiful materials and design.

Everything is entirely integrated, and on the same high plane.

An exquisite and refined buckle, it will attract compliments on jeans, suit trousers, or even formal wear.



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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 3/8" high, 2 3/8" wide