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Sun and Rain All Over the World Pendant


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Victor Masayesva is deeply committed to Hopi cultural and spiritual traditions.

He is so talented, that he is acclaimed for his photography, books and films, as well as jewelry.

We feel fortunate to have one piece of this busy artist’s work, and one that is so handsome and well-made.

As in his other work, this pendant is meticulously fabricated, in a creative and unusual design.

The silver is heavy gauge, since it consists of two layers, one overlaid upon the other.

The top layer is chiseled, textured and polished, so it glistens and shimmers like rainfall in sunlight.

And the sun shines, in the bottom layer, as a gleaming round ball peeking out just above the curve of the “rainfall”.

Amazingly regular, tapered rays are chiseled into the matte, darkened silver background, extending out from the polished orb.

These rays extend in the opposite direction from the lines indicating rainfall, creating surprising animation to the piece, like wind-whipped rain.

The artistically asymmetrical half-circle is slightly concave, and one end of the curved form is pointed, like a wing, which adds even more to the feeling of motion.

Three cross forms are cut into the curved top layer of silver, representing the four corners of the earth.

The blessing of sun and rain, together, promotes the growth of crops, resulting in happiness, good health, and prosperity; this good luck is meant to spread throughout the world.

Most unusual in design, flawless in fabrication, and with a beautifully conceived, traditional message, this pendant is  indeed, a triple winner.

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Sterling Silver


Bail Diameter is 1/4", 1 1/2" L x 1 5/8" W