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Sun and Moon Pendant


Textured, bas-relief Sunface with coral dot nose and 18k gold circle on top; dangle of reverse teardrop Peruvian opal, with matching silver setting and gold dot at bottom. Matching, integral bail.

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Give her the sun and the moon in one distinctive piece! Jolene’s characteristic combination of antiqued and textured silver and natural stones, plus accents of 18-karat gold, is beautifully shown here.

In Jolene’s favorite style, the silver is cut, textured and finished to look antique and rugged, setting off the luminous moonstone.  Accents of 18-karat gold gleam and glisten in contrast to the dulled silver. The natural moonstone, in a reversed teardrop shape, glows mysteriously, like the moonlit sky.

The bas-relief Sunface is notched around the edges, has a polished bar across the forehead, and a rich, red, natural coral nose. A round gold circle, warm and bright as the sun, sits just below and to the right. The balance of sun and moon, earth- the red coral – and the misty blue depths of the moonstone, for water and sky – is complete. Another touch of gold at the bottom point of the dangling moonstone links the two sections of the pendant. There is even another tiny dot of gold at the back, where only you know it exists!

The design of the whole piece complements and completes each section, literally, esthetically, and thematically.  This is another remarkable jewel by this special artist. Bold yet ethereal, it could have been worn by a medieval princess, but is thoroughly 21st century and very wearable. Hang it from beads, heishi, a chain, or a collar, or even use a safety pin to attach it to a jacket’s lapel.

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Coral, 18k Gold, Natural Moonstone, Sterling Silver


2 7/8" long total x 1 1/2" wide (Sunface) and 5/8" wide (dangle)