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“Summer Buffalo Along the Rio” Soft Sculpture


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This artist made his mark with vibrantly hued ceramic masks.

Lately, he has moved on to soft sculptures, also meant to adorn your wall, in similarly luscious hues and complex designs.

This one represents that Native icon, the buffalo. The artist has labeled it “Summer Buffalo Along the Rio”.

Beautifully painted canvas forms her well-filled body, with deerskin and natural feathers to complete the intricate and harmonious look.

This striking soft sculpture has a pleasing balance between warm and cool colors, matte and metallic finishes, and a marvelous variety of textures, as well.

while Deerskin forms a tassel on top, and wraps around the long, natural feathers.Dyed deerskin forms the tail.

Silky threads tie the feathers and tassels, repeating the colors found in the painted designs.

The painting is precise and balanced, with many traditional symbols, deep, rich jewel tones, and some metallic accents.

Circles of different sizes adorn the head and neck, with a crescent moon, silver stars and a vivid orange water spiral.

More spirals decorate the body and one foreleg, in coppery metallic paint, along with dragonflies, and land-based prosperity symbols: a cornstalk and a large bird.

Water is the source of life, and a great blessing on the high desert lands.

The crosses are stars, and symbolize the four corners of the world.

They represent how far the blessings represented by the buffalo itself, and the good luck symbols, are meant to extend.

Abundant buffalo meant meat, clothing, shelter, weapons, and all sorts of good things. A supermarket on the hoof, really.

Stepped lines, and dots zig-zags represent waterways and raindrops, more good luck.

On the top of the buffalo’s hump, ovals represent plant leaves. Plants are another blessing, thanks to enough water.

Attached to the body of the buffalo, is a little baby: Fertility, and the continuation of the species and its blessings.

Metallic copper on the body, and metallic silver for some of the raindrops, add a soft shimmer to the rich palette of dark purple, green, teals, and browns.

An original concept, created with imagination and multi-media skills by an established artist.

This striking, colorful wall sculpture is as handsome and decorative as it is meaningful.

Enjoy it on its own, or as part of an installation of a variety of art.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Deerskin, Natural Feathers, Straw Fibers, Thread


21 1/2" L including feathers | 12" H