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Sugilite & Opal Corn Row Bracelet


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Natural sugilite, a rich purple as luxurious as a royal robe, in a row of hand-cut, half-round stones that form a kind of palisade effect. Another wonderful piece from this modest but remarkably creative artist, who passed away recently, to the regret of all who knew him and his work. Riffing on his pueblo’s tradition of heishi- shell or stone cut into small beads – as well as the tradition of corn-kernel jewelry designs, the artist carried the old up through the present, to the future. The use of a “modern” stone – gorgeously majestic and rare sugilite – in a dramatically simple design, results in a bold contemporary statement; a beautiful interpretation of tradition that is timeless.

Slivers of subtly iridescent Peruvian opal contrast their luminous translucency with the luxurious depth of the sugilite, while highly polished, concave borders of sterling silver add brilliant luster. Although the materials are sumptuous, the simplicity of the design, and the relatively narrow width of the bracelet, allow it to be happily worn day and night; alone, or stacked with others.

A gorgeous, yet understated, piece of jewelry. The fact that the artist will make no more, makes it even more precious.

Sterling Silver, Sugilite, Peruvian Opal,

Total Size: 6 1/2″ Cuff Size: 5 1/2″ Gap Size: 1″ Width: 7/8″