Sugilite and Overlay Silver Necklace

Everett and Mary Teller


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Commanding and majestic, this necklace boasts magnificent, natural, gem-quality sugilite stones in rare, large sizes. Each resplendent stone proudly sits above beautifully crisp, overlaid silver borders. Each stone, and its silver base, is shaped into a graceful, organically curved and pointed shape.

A piece with such large and beautifully cut, highest-grade sugilite (found only in southern Africa) is rarely seen.

The designs in the overlaid silver are stepped and square spirals. These symbolize rainfall, storm clouds and wind, harbingers of good luck, happiness, good health, and prosperity. The darkened background not only provides a graphic contrast to the glimmering polished silver, it echoes the deeply dark, gorgeous stones.

Shapely forms, in both sugilite and silver, add grace and sensuous allure. The sterling chain, and all the links between the fabulous stones, is entirely handmade.

The length of the necklace may be changed by hooking into different loops. Wear it for special times, but also with sweaters, and business wear.

Everything about this stunning, one-of–a-kind necklace is of the highest quality: the superlative stones, the beautiful shapes, the fine execution.

It is an investment in beauty, quality, and rarity that will thrill you, and generations to come.

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