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Sugilite and Moonstone Pendant


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Her late parents were innovative jewelers in the 1970s, and Jolene carries on the family tradition in a totally different way, winning awards for her own, innovative style. Her children and extended family are also marking their own, prize-winning paths.

This beautifully intriguing pendant is one of her latest pieces, combining her characteristic textured and darkened silver with “new” stones: a luminous, moody, natural moonstone at the top, and richly opulent, royal purple sugilite, inlaid in the bottom.

18-karat gold accents gleam against the ruggedly textured silver, contributing a warm luster to the piece.

The general shape of the pendant, resembles a human figure, with the tapered body below the head.

The rounded, translucent moonstone at the top is set high and seems illuminated from within, with neon blue highlights within greyish streaks.

When the light hits it, the effect is like viewing the northern lights in a misty sky trailing wisps of high clouds. Or, seeing moonlit clouds amid darker ones.

Stepped, and heavily textured silver protrudes on either side, like a Zuni maiden’s hairdo. The steps are traditional rain symbols, as well, always a great blessing in the desert.

A half-circle of gleaming, 18-karat gold suggests a necklace or ruff around her neck. It is echoed by the three smaller circles of gold in the pendant below.

The body of the piece is a tapered form, inlaid with two chunks of natural sugilite. This rare and resplendent stone is cut and inlaid to resemble a blanket, folded around the front of the figure

With the misty beauty of the moonstone and the dark splendor of the sumptuous purple sugilite, there is a dreamlike aura in this uniquely elegant pendant.

Rugged, mysterious, serene; this unusual pendant will work with a legion of colors and clothes. (Imagine it against blue cashmere or grey linen, or red, or black, or white, or yellow, or green, or…

A contemporary classic, that will look terrific on one of Al Joe’s collars, elsewhere on this website – and, on a substantial chain, silver beads, heishi, etc etc. etc.

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Natural Moonstone, Natural Sugilite, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


3 1/8" L x 1 1/2" W