Successfully Fishing Bear



One of the outrageously talented Wall siblings (Kathy and Adrian are the others), Marcus creates award-winning pottery figures, like his mother and sister.

However, he prefers to concentrate on animals, like this bear and his abundant catch.

Bears are revered for their power and their skill at hunting and survival.

This one is traditionally made, from clay that was gathered, mixed, coiled, and painted, by hand.

Nicely finished, simply, but realistically, modeled, with a few nice details, this big bear somehow looks like an adolescent cub, to me.

He wears the somewhat stunned expression of one who didn’t expect such an abundance of success in fishing.

His muzzle, ears, and rear paws are all painted in very bear-y detail, with vegetal paint and natural red clay slip.

The fish are beautifully modeled; plump, and speckled like rainbow trout, although grass green is not really a natural color for trout.

Appropriately, each fish wears a glum expression, a charmingly witty touch.

A native of the forests near Jemez Pueblo, we assume, the bear wears a delicate necklace of shell heishi, as a good luck talisman.

Well made, and an appealing combination of innovation and tradition, this is a delightful way to bring a bear into your home.

(And maybe, he will even improve your fishing ability, too!)

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