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Subtle Multicolored Inlay Cuff


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This artist is eagerly collected, noted for his creativity and effortless technique; this bracelet is an example of both. He is known for meticulous inlay, in contemporary patterns and colors.

Smooth-as-silk stones, inlaid in sterling, offer a serene pattern like ancient brickwork and an unusual, misty, muted palette of “new” and “old” stones. The soft greys, neutrals, purples and pale hues seem to evoke a cloudy day with fine rain, when colors seem to glow. (That would be very welcome, and good luck, in the high desert.) Every stone has been cut and inlaid by hand, of course, flawlessly. The highly polished silver borders glitter and shine, like shafts of sunlight through the clouds.

Poetic, romantic, the bracelet’s pattern of uncommon hues is sophisticated, tailored, informally elegant, and wearable with everything, all the time. Join the many devoted, proud and happy collectors of Tommy Jackson’s meticulously fabricated jewelry with this uncommonly handsome bracelet.



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Sugilite, Jasper, Jet, Serpentine, Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Various Others

Cuff Size

6 1/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

7 1/4"