Stylized Bird Jar

Alan E Lasiloo


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Alan has produced award-winning pottery since his work was first judged, at Santa Fe Indian Market in 2007.

A former student at the Institute for American Indian Arts, he combines his love of art and fashion with his family heritage of pottery-making.

This lovely jar has a sleek form and finish, with a fine, thin wall.

A beautifully painted, abstract bird flows into a lyrical design of curves and curls. The dark brown paint is derived from plants.

Alan has also decorated the wonderfully silky surface with fire clouds, especially toward the bottom and the top, where they emphasize the elegant shape of the piece.

Usually greeted with disappointment and despair, fire clouds result from a problem in firing pottery in the ground.

Alan has learned to control them, enhancing his pieces.

With a perfect, oval form, and complementary, flowing, painted designs, this jar is simple, but striking.

A beautiful, older piece by this acclaimed artist.


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6 1/2" H x 4 3/8" Diameter