“Stripper Kachina”

Pete Sumatzkuku


Miniature painting of Stripper kachina: Novantsi-Tsiloaka, A runner who strips the unlucky people he catches of their clothes.

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This artist is the “Master of the Miniature Painting”, usually devoted to accurate portrayals of kachinas, as here.

According to the artist, as written on the back, this is the “Stripper Kachina”, Novantsi-Tsiloaka.

An early form of a Chippendale? No, one of the many runner kachinas, who combine ceremonial duties with entertaining the onlookers.

He chases them. and if the unlucky person is caught, he is flung to the ground, and stripped of his clothes, or at least, his shirt.

To retrieve his clothes, the unfortunate must pay the runner in piki bread.

Just as much fun, and a lot healthier, than just sitting on a couch and watching a race on TV!

Depicted with the artists’s customary skill and attention to detail, this runner is buff, painted in both water and sun colors.

His kilt, fringes, moccasins, fingers, ruff, roach (on his head), and more, are all precisely delineated.

Notice that his legs are painted in the opposite combination to his torso: Blue where his chest is yellow; yellow where his chest is blue.

Even the ties on the moccasins are carefully drawn.

A marvelous little painting of a little-known kachina, pictured against the dreamy cloud-like background that the artist favors.

Frame it alone, or combine it with other little paintings by this artist, elsewhere in this site.

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