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“Strength” Acrylic Painting


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This painting pulsates with strength, in several ways.

A work by a young artist, new to us, it confronts us with exceptional power in its brilliant palette, large-scale designs, and the symbols themselves.

If you’d like some helpful strength and protection, as well as an invigorating esthetic experience, this painting is chock-full of blessings.

Top right is a bear claw, with the image of a bear at the lower left. Bears are the personification of power and protection.

At the top left and bottom right, assertive fans represent feathers, which are symbols for prayers and hope, soaring up to the heavens.

The triangular forms, filled with parallel lines symbolize storms and rain – great luck in the desert.

In the center, fiery red leaf forms represent the land, plant life and crops. Again, good luck for health, happiness and prosperity.

More parallel lines balance the warm land with water and rainfall; nature is in balance and all is well.

Strong symbols, rendered with vigorous clarity and stunning color, give this painting a potent presence that is greater than its size.

This painting dazzles in color and design; a real find, we look forward to more by this intriguing artist.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


12" x 12"