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Storyteller with Two Children and Koshare


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A Fragua by marriage, her style has acquired the family resemblance with her own stamp on the figures. This storyteller is entirely handmade, of course: hand gathered clay, coiled, smoothed, and painted with natural colors.The large, maternal figure is enveloped in a beautifully painted blanket; the little girl peeks out from behind the her shoulder. She has a flower in her hair and a thick braid that falls over her shoulder. Mama (or Auntie, or Grandma) also wears a traditional black manta, with water signs decorating the hem, and a collared blouse and squash blossom necklace underneath. She holds an olla, decorated in several colors, with a little Koshare figure – a Pueblo clown – emerging from it. A little boy leans comfortably on her lap, holding a drum. Mama’s blanket is painted in dramatic zig-zags containing stepped rain signs. Everyone is chanting the story together. Beautifully executed, this storyteller is refined in technique and crisply painted, with delightful details that are typical of the potter’s home village.

Natural Clay, Paint

Width: 2 5/8″ Height: 6 1/4″ Depth: 5 1/4″