Storyteller with Three Kids and Dogs



This younger member of the prolific and gifted Fragua family of notable potters continues the family specialty of storyteller figures.

This mother figure has on a robe with traditional designs and long, detailed hair. She is holding one of the two larger doggies, with the other straddling her lower legs. On her lap are three happy children.

The boys on the left and right of her lap are holding small puppies. The puppies look as happy as the kids as if they’d run around excitedly if given the chance! The rosy-cheeked girl in the middle of her lap has a ponytail on top of her head and is holding a football, ready to play with her brothers and the cute doggies.

This is a whimsical family piece, with cuteness all around, and it will only bring a smile to your face every time you see it!


Additional information


Vegetal Paint, Natural Clay and Clay Slips


6 7/8"


3 3/4"


5 1/4"