Storyteller with Six Children



Emily is a member of the prolific Fragua family of potters, who specialize in storytellers and figures.

She has won a wagon-load of prize ribbons for her appealing work.

The sweetness and solemnity of expression on the mother’s face is disarming.

The six children are delightfully gleeful (hard not to smile with them!), and very animated. They seem to really enjoy the story!

Mama wears a traditional Pueblo dress with an embroidered blouse underneath, and the children wear embroidered apparel, as well.

The girls’ hair is very modern, however – ponytails up high and to the side- while their mother’s long hair is nicely carved, neatly arranged in a bun, with a decorative barrette.

Of course, they are entirely hand made of hand-gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed and painted clay.

The innocent joy of the children, and the gentle, serene aspect of the mother, as she embraces her children protectively, lends a loving charm to the piece.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments


6" high x 3" wide x 5.1/4" deep