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Storyteller with Braid


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A member by marriage of the prolific and well-known Fragua family, this accomplished potter has her own style, with a general, family resemblance. Her work is noted for technical refinement and lovely details. She likes to enfold her mothers (grandmas? aunties?) in a beautifully painted blanket, a traditional Pueblo dress with rain signs decorating the hem, and charmingly detailed squash blossom necklaces, as here.This Mama (Auntie? Grandma?) has along, thick braid that falls over her shoulder. A little girl stands on her lap, holding a clay plate painted with traditional rain symbols and other traditional motifs. She has adorable little bows in her hair. Brother sits on a knee, and holds a drum. This piece is entirely handmade, of course: hand gathered clay, coiled, smoothed, and painted with natural clay slips and vegetal color.

Natural Clay, Paint

Width: 2″ Height: 5 1/2″ Depth: 4 1/4″