Storyteller With 10 Children



This younger member of the prolific and gifted Fragua family of notable potters., continues the family specialty of storyteller figures.

Ten – count ’em – children, including two babies, cluster around the feet of the chanting mother figure.

She is standing, wearing white ceremonial moccasins, and holding the edges of her embroidered shawl in her hands.

Everyone, children and babies included, is singing out hopes, or thanks.

Beautifully formed, of natural, hand-gathered, -mixed, -formed, -painted and pit-fired clay, each child is an individual, while the large maternal figure is serene, even majestic.

She seems aware of the importance of this ceremonial event, and is elegantly formed and beautifully decorated.

The colors are made from mixing different powdered clays with water, to form a paint, or slip.

Black, for the hair, etc, is made from steeping wild spinach leaves in hot water, to create a dark paint.

Great detail; great emotion. No wonder it won a prize ribbon – which you take home with the piece!


Additional information


Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


9" H x 4 1/2" W