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Storyteller Dog with Puppy


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Emily is a member of the prolific Fragua family of potters, noted for their storytellers and figures. She has won a wagon-load of prize ribbons for her appealing work.She just brought in a few new storytellers, that are domestic pet animals, rather than humans. As in her human storytellers, the sweetness and solemnity of expression on the mother’s face is disarming; the adorable puppy is delightfully cuddly, and more animated. It is hard not to smile at his/her happily expectant expression. Puppy seems to really enjoy the story!Mama is a typical Pueblo dog; combining characteristics of different breeds, with varicolored spots, floppy ears, – and a fluffy white tail! She holds a great big bone in one paw. (No wonder the puppy looks so expectant!) There are several charming details in this storyteller: eyelashes, freckles on the muzzle, etc., but the gentle, serene aspect of the mother, as she embraces her eager pup protectively, lends a loving charm to the piece.

Natural Clay, Natural Slips

Width: 3″ Height: 5 5/8″ Depth: 3 1/4″