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Storyteller Bracelet


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A classic and always appealing style the storyteller bracelet has many interpreters.

Here, it is domed, by an artist who is probably a member of the well-known Hale family of Navajo jewelers.

There is a lot of marvelous, detailed action overlaid on the darkened and textured background silver.

On the top row of the bracelet a butte, a cliff, a large mesa and another mesa, from left to right, have clouds billowing above them.

Down below, on land,  we see – also from left to right: two sheep or goats, nibbling on grass, a shady tree, a man in a tall “rez” hat; an axe on a stump, a wood pile, a wagon, water barrels, and a woman standing in front of a hogan, with a ramada in front. Then, another water barrel.

The figure are tiny, so the detail is impressive.

A charming scene of traditional Navajo life, that is giving way to trailers, trucks and houses.

Despite the lack of amenities like running water, electricity, and other modern comforts, this old way of life is still nostalgic in many Navajo memories.

And delightful for us to wear.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/4" + 1 1/8" Gap | 6 7/8" all around


3/4" W