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Abstract, multi-stone sculpture depicting lightning, raincloud, and abstract marble column. Black granite base.

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Pre-eminent sculptor Adrian Wall is also a jeweler, glass artist and musician. His many talents are equal is accomplishment, which is frankly, amazing. Here, he has returned to his sculpting roots with a dramatic abstraction using traditional symbols for a storm.  There are three different stones used for the sculpture alone, with a fourth for the hand-carved base.


Gold-hued Acoma sandstone forms the jagged lightning sign on the right; pale grey Indiana limestone is carved out into a stepped rain cloud, and cool Luna Azul marble stands on the left, representing the happily drenched land. Rain is the very best of luck in the arid high desert, resulting in thriving crops, so this imposing piece symbolizes happiness, good health, and prosperity, too. The varied stones comprise a palette of subtle contrasts.


The columnar form opposite the lightning sign, is cool, blue-grey marble, chiseled at the top, so it resembles the cliffs and rocky formations of the land around Jemez Pueblo. The rest of it is silkily polished and rounded, just begging to be caressed. The rounded form and polished luster of the marble also contrasts with the equally smooth, but unpolished, matte texture of the limestone and sandstone.


Since rain is a blessing the soft contrasts in hue and texture result in a feeling of tranquillity, in this gently dramatic piece, even though there are sharp lines and angles. Bring the blessing of rain into your home, without getting wet, and enjoy the artistry of this modern/traditional sculpture.

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16 5/8" high x12 7/8" wide x 2 1/4" thick, Base is 13" wide x 4 1/2" deep x 1 1/4" high, Sculpture alone


Acoma Sandstone, Granite base, Indiana Limestone, Luna Azul Marble