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Hopi artist, Ruben Saufkie Sr., grandnephew of the late, great Lawrence Saufkie, grandson of the equally celebrated Paul Saufkie, Sr, has been a silversmith since 1988.

He says that through his pieces, (I am) “doing my best to share our Hopi teachings of finding balance, harmony and unity which leads to peace.”

Outside the high desert lands of the Hopi, Zuni and Navajo, we don’t delight in storm clouds, wind and lightning; to these tribes, rain is precious and sacred.

Enough water and enough sun, in balance, result in healthy crops. Enough to eat, happiness, good health, and prosperity follow an ample harvest.

This beautifully fabricated, striking pendant celebrates rainstorms, from the wind, water and cloud spiral at the top, to the lightning forking down from it.

The hammered texture glistens like a rain-splattered surface; the silhouette, both curvaceous and angular, is intriguing. Even the bail matches the texture.

Brilliant design and excellent workmanship join with the spiritual message the artist strives to convey.

Esthetically pleasing, and culturally authentic, this is a beautiful achievement, on many levels.

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Sterling Silver


2 3/8


1" w