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Storm and Rain Buckle


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Known for his meticulous silver work, this buckle is a fine example of this noted jeweler’s art.

His silver work is exceptional: flawlessly cut out and overlaid, the base is darkened with acid.

This highlights the crisply delineated, polished pattern, which gives the piece richness and depth.

There is a subtle and satisfying interplay of angular, triangular and gently rounded lines.

All around the outside edge, stamped scallops are mixed with small parallel lines.

The spiral pattern is sometimes called the journey symbol, or the the path of life.

In this sleekly elegant buckle, the discreet parallel lines suggest rainfall; in that case, the spiky spirals are wind and clouds.

Slightly tapered in form, the shape of the buckle delicately emphasizes the diagonal energy of the overlaid and chiseled pattern.

This distinctive, scrupulously fabricated buckle will embellish everything from jeans to formal wear, for men and women, both.

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Sterling Silver


3" L x 2" W