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“Stories of the Pueblo” Painting


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A beautiful painting with an equally beautiful inspiration. The artist has written the background of his inspiration on the back.

Although Navajo, Peter Ray’s parents had many Pueblo friends, notably from Acoma and Laguna.

“This painting is about memories”, he writes, of many happy visits, and lasting friendships.

Acoma Pueblo, “Sky City” sits atop its impregnable mesa, with far-off mountains in the background.

Laguna Pueblo, suggested on the right, sits on flatter land, not far away.

The triangles, painted at the top and sides of the “frame”, represent mountains.

Down below, various multicolored motifs represent the pottery that was given to his parents, in exchange for their art.

Best known for his richly hued ceramic masks and cloth wall hangings, this artist here honors cherished memories, in the same deep, luscious colors.

This painting is colored by memories, not naturalism, which gives it a gorgeous, dream-like look.

Beautifully decorative, with an affecting message of loving memories, this painting is full of magnificent color, too.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


16" W X 20" H