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Stone Rain Plaque


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Cliff is known for his monumental public pieces; his sculptures are in the US Capital, the Albuquerque airport, and many other public venues.

However, he makes easy-to-display sculpture for personal enjoyment, as well. This beautiful piece is one of his latest, quite lovely, and very easy to acquire and to display.

An abstract figure, decorated with beautifully incised rain designs, it represents the hope and prayer for enough water to create an abundant harvest.

With plentiful food, good health, happiness and prosperity will ensue.

This elegantly slender figure is composed of three different stones: Afghan limestone for the top, white Greek marble for the bottom (similar to that used in the ancient Parthenon) and a belt of Zebra marble, from Utah.

Turquoise heishi and natural parrot feathers adorn the  belt, with a medicine bundle of natural red coral and turquoise, on turquoise-hued coated wire, around the neck.

Sleekly elongated, the lovely abstract figure radiates serene power. Spiritual in inspiration and meaning, it is, also, that in appearance.

Stunning in its simplicity, this compelling figure is all ready to hang; it will embellish any wall.

An exceptional piece by this remarkable artist.

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Afghan Limestone, Coated Wire, Greek Marble, Natural Parrot Feathers, Natural Red Coral, Turquoise, Utah Zebra Marble


13 1/4"