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Sting Ray Cuff


Stunningly simple, polished and boxed silver inset with black, pebbly stingray leather.

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A major award-winning jeweler in the front ranks of younger innovators, Lyndon Tsosie is known especially for elaborately decorative inlaid pieces. In this stunning bracelet, he changes direction entirely. Boldly dramatic in its simplicity, the bracelet reverts to elemental glamor: black and white, dark and light; pebbly stingray leather bordered by narrow streaks of highly polished silver.

Stingray leather was a coveted luxury from ancient times on:, for Egyptian and Samurai armor, to cover wig boxes for Louis XIV, and other less exalted uses. Lately, it has entered the jewelry world. In the hands of a creative jeweler, like Lyndon, it becomes a timeless example of stunning, sexy beauty. Elegant proportions and luxurious materials. together with impeccable technique, add up to sensational, classic, minimalism.

City or country, on any continent; night or day, at work or play, this bracelet will make a splash. Black tie event? Here is understated but ravishing chic – and it is equally handsome with suits, dresses and jeans, too.

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Natural Stingray Leather, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" wide in center

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 1/4"