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Still Life with Rug


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Brown sandpaper, a reference book of historic pottery, and memories of the artist’s mother, who was a Navajo rug-weaver; that’s how this splendid pastel picture began. Alice carefully builds up a multilayered background with her pastels, chooses from her books whichever pots suit her fancy, and conveys every texture with hard-to-believe skill, so you feel you could caress each piece. Her use of color is equally assured; the boldness of red, yellow-green, and orange-y russet is gentled by the use of neutrals. The compatible matte color keeps everything contained and harmonious.Alice’s mastery of the notoriously difficult pastel medium was acquired at art school in Chicago, and she has since won countless awards for her beautifully rendered work. Check out the smaller photos, to the right, and see just how meticulously each different texture has been created: The wood of the table, the sheen of the stone fetish, the matte finish on the pottery ladle, and above all, the rug. It looks as if there is a stroke of pastel for every stitch in the rug!Serene, vibrant, with a marvelous reflection of light in the background, this is a picture that will nourish you soul, as well as entertain your eyes.

Pastel on Sandpaper

Size Includes Frame Width: 29″ Height: 15″