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Still Life with Bear Fetish and Pot


Pastel painting of parrot olla and turquoise bear fetish on light wood table. 11 x 14.

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Known for her photo-realistic pastels, Alice Yazzie is an expert at bringing inanimate objects to life.  Starting from plain brown paper, she builds up the surface with consummate skill, so that each element is crisp, with it’s own natural texture.

The vivd colors she uses, and her extreme attention to detail, makes us feel as if this still life is real life.  She perfectly captures an item’s essence, enhancing it with extremely accurate highlighting and shadowing to give her pictures depth and character.

Alice, who mastered the difficult medium of pastels at art school in Chicago, uses warm-hued background colors to make the subjects of her artistry pop.

This dazzling piece is a true representation of her fabulous sense of color, space, and artistic ability.

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Paper, Pastel


11" high x 14" wide