Sterling Silver Water Symbol Pendant


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This artist is one of the many who do handsome, finely crafted pieces at reasonable prices, without fuss or fanfare – luckily for all of us! Long known for creating sterling silver and traditional designs, with gold accents, he has created a totally contemporary look in this newest piece – without gold.

A textured , darkened surface rectangle is punctuated by accents of gleaming silver, and a beautiful, richly hued turquoise.

In order to cut the stone into the rectangle, the artist used a stabilized stone. This is a real turquoise! It is merely hardened by filling the pores with polyurethane, so it could be cut without crumbling. A natural stone that hard would be prohibitively expensive.

The off-set diagonal zig-zag represents lightning, and the squiggly curved element at the right, water. The geometric shapes might be mountains, sun and moon, and a star, at the upper left. Earth, sky and water equals Nature in balance; the Navajo ideal. Looks modern, but the symbols are age-old.

Totally contemporary, totally well-made, totally good-looking – and a totally welcome price, too.

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2 1/2"




Stabilized Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver