Sterling Silver Rug Patterned Pin/Pendant


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Lee Charley grew up in Thoreau, New Mexico working on silver with his mother Nellie. His brother is noted silversmith Earnest Rangel.

Always inventive, this fine jeweler keeps creating interesting pieces, made with all the fine stamping and other silverwork techniques for which he is well-known. Lately, he has been creating classic Navajo rugs you can wear – in two different ways.

Chiseled and deeply stamped, this sterling silver rug is authentic in every way – it even sports little tassels at the corners – except the materials.

There is a hook, as well as a pin on the back, so you can pin it horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. You can also hook it on your collar, beads, or chain. Any which way, this is a lovely rug that never needs vacuuming! Plus, it is handsome and beautifully fabricated – all by hand, of course!

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Sterling Silver


3 1/2"