Sterling Silver Repousse Cuff


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Alex Sanchez is a name synonymous with petroglyphs in the Native American art world.  The younger brother of renowned jeweler Myron Panteah, Alex has a style that is both reminiscent of his brother’s work with petroglyphs while still being uniquely his own.

Before turning to almost exclusively petroglyph designs, Alex was known for his repoussé work. This cuff is a fine example of his original style, and though it’s uncommon for him to have anything like this available, we were lucky to acquire this gorgeous cuff last time we saw him!

Repoussé or repoussage refers to a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief.

When put together, the composition of his different repoussé stamps is a cleanly made and naturally flowing story of good workmanship and an innate understanding of how metal moves when you stamp it.

Alex is a very talented artist, from a talented family, and his high level of skill at a difficult-to-master technique is evident in this remarkable, standout piece!

Many try to use this technique, but few have mastered it like Alex has!

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Sterling Silver

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1 1/4"