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Sterling Silver Lizard Ranger Set


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Dan Romero was widely acclaimed in recent decades for his personal style of cast silver jewelry as well as incredibly intricate portraits in inlay work. Tragically, he is no longer able to work, because of poor health. However, his wife Luella has begun to cast some pieces for him, from his own, original molds. This handsome lizard buckle set is one of the first .At first glance a random pattern of polished silver over darkened silver, at a closer look, the design is revealed to to be an intricate intertwining of lizards. Lizards survive happily in the desert. They are a favorite and traditional subject in Native art, for their elegantly sinuous looks as well as their accommodation to harsh conditions. (Lizard fetishes convey the survival power of the animal to the owner of the fetish.) This ranger set celebrates both the esthetic and spiritual aspects of lizards.When he was healthy, Dan Romero was celebrated for both his inlay work and his applique work, as seen here. The pattern of linked and separate lizards is strikingly graphic. It looks both archaic and modern, like the subjects themselves. Substantial silver, crisply delineated elements, and a high contrast between gleaming, and matte dark, silver – along with an abstract pattern that fools the eye a bit – create a ranger set that is suitable for both casual and business wear. Women, as well as men will find this not only very handsome, but very versatile.

Sterling Silver

Fits Belt up to 1 1/8″; Buckle: 1 7/8″ W x 2 1/2″ H x 1/8″ D